Kaitz CollageRegarded as the last American Art Deco artist of the twentieth century, 

Gustave Kaitz died in 1992, leaving a legacy of extraordinary magnitude of original paintings and sketches spanning nearly seven decades. Upon visiting the site, viewers will behold the singular art of this renowned American artist. Kaitz’s mythologies are peopled in celestial beings – women who are not really women at all; they are goddesses, or mythical subjects like Leda and the Swan, Lake Goddess, and his signature work The Gatsby Girl – illusions beyond the confines of time. They are intellectual concepts, more than tangible creatures of beauty. The Kaitz collection expounds an era of Art Deco in its supreme form.


Gustave Kaitz Death - Times Herald








Saran Gallery

Saran Gallery Obituary

Saran Gallery Obituary ( .PDF File )

The Kaitz legacy remains unsurpassed in its Deco magnificence taking on the thrust of the 21st Century.



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Jewish Journal Gustave Kaitz Article -The Last Art Deco Artist

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